I followed the 2020 presidential campaign in Belarus, watched news clips with queues of people expressing disagreement even that agreed to stand in line for several hours, for the sake of one of their signatures. The country’s huge pendulum has been accumulating potential energy for a long time, it deviated further and further from it’s dead center. On the ninth of August 2020, I watched the events of the last election day in Republic of Belarus in online. All the following days of violence, protests, increased inclusiveness, decline and increase in the level of repression resembled the movements of this pendulum. The protesters themselves constantly talked about the fact that their moods are pendulum: from “we will win” to “emigration”. Illegitimate authorities with their the sides called on “not to rock the country.” Everything came to motion.

An analysis of the protocols that followed the elections (at that time about 12%) showed that there is no absolute majority Lukashenko: statistically impossible protocols with mirrored results, obvious falsifications in early voting, lack of most of the protocols. The project is a data visualization of 466 protocols, each transformed into a system of two pendulums. The result of the system operation depends on the ratio of the number of votes for Tikhanovskaya to the number of votes for Lukashenko. The audio signal is generated from joint results of the work of pendulums.